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Huygens Set


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Basic Description: Christiann Huyens wave theory of light inspires these earrings and necklace with delicately mounted zirconian stones, which represent the propagation of a circular wave front generated by a point source.

Technical Description: Pieces made of sterling silver. Measurements: Necklace 41x48x2,5 mm. Includes sterling silver 45cm chain. Earring measurements: 36x48x2.5 mm. Pressure close.

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The Science behind the Jewel

Christiaan Huygens, a Dutch physicist, made his first exhibition of “The Wave Theory of Light” in 1678. It postulated that the light emitted by a source was formed by waves, the same as sonorous bodies, and that it propagates in a medium called ether.

This theory can be explained in the following way:

All points of a given wave front can be considered as point sources for the production of secondary spherical waves. These propagate outward from the medium with the rapid propagation characteristic in that medium. After an interval of time, the new position of the wavefront is the surface tangent to the secondary waves, as shown in the following chart:


In addition, light experiences reflection and refracts, a typical phenomena in waves.

When talking about a wave, it comes to mind a graphical representation similar to that of the waves that propagate on the surface of the water. Although in most of the common wave movements (transmission of sound and light) we do not perceive the waveform visually. We can imagine that propagation, like the one that happens when lighting a candle.


The silversmiths in Cordoba are renowned for their craftsmanship. All our pieces are made by expert jewellers in Cordoba city. This guarantees professionalism in the elaboration and finishing details of each design. The pieces bear a perforation which guarantees that the products are made only with sterling silver 925.

According to international standards on objects manufactured with precious metals, the proportion of weight when the pure precious metal enters an alloy is outlined by law. Silver in its natural state is a very manageable or soft metal and it is necessary to mix it with other alloys to make it more resistant. In the case of the sterling silver used in our pieces, the proportion is pure silver: 92.5% and Copper: 7.5%. This complies with the quality standards demanded by the major brands for jewellery.



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