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Microscope Cuff Links


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Basic Description: Delicate and original cuff links with an engraving of an optical microscope so characteristic and habitual in the world of research. For the elegant man in the field of investigation.

Technical Description: Pieces made of sterling silver. Dimensions: 18 × 2.5 mm. Includes display box.

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The optical microscope has been a fundamental tool for the scientific world. It was invented by Anton Van Leeuwenhoek towards the end of the seventeenth century. Initially he created a microscope consisting of a single small convex lens which was mounted on a metal sheet and included a mechanism to hold the material being examined.

This invention allowed chemists and physicians, such as Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch, to study those diseases that threatened humanity.

Currently there is an optical microscope, the most powerful in the world, with a resolution that reduces the limit to 50 nanometres (0.00000005 meters), that is to say below the theoretical limit of optical microscopy. (Traditional optical microscopes allow us to see objects up to a micrometre – 0.000001 meters). It was developed by engineers from the University of Manchester making it possible for scientists to examine the interior of human cells, as well as live viruses and biomolecules (source: Nature Magazine Communications).




The silversmiths in Cordoba are renowned for their craftsmanship. All our pieces are made by expert jewellers in Cordoba city. This guarantees professionalism in the elaboration and finishing details of each design. The pieces bear a perforation which guarantees that the products are made only with sterling silver 925.

According to international standards on objects manufactured with precious metals, the proportion of weight when the pure precious metal enters an alloy is outlined by law. Silver in its natural state is a very manageable or soft metal and it is necessary to mix it with other alloys to make it more resistant. In the case of the sterling silver used in our pieces, the proportion is pure silver: 92.5% and Copper: 7.5%. This complies with the quality standards demanded by the major brands for jewellery.



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