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Relativity Necklace – NEW


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Basic Description: Few things are as beautiful as the simplicity of a formula that encloses a great complexity. This delicate necklace pays homage to Einstein's much-relevant theory of relativity.

Technical Description: Made of sterling silver with engraving. Measurements: 18x30x2, 5 mm. Includes 45 cm sterling silver chain and display box.

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Scientific Background

On November 25, 1915, Albert Einstein published an article, his theory of relativity. This would change our understanding of time and space. This theory explains that the location of physical events, both in time and space, is relative to the state of movement of the observer. That is, time depends in reality, on movement, speed.

This theory is formulated through the following formula:

E=mc2, where every body has energy even at rest in function of their mass. This energy is then calculated as the mass of the body by the speed of light (3*10^8 m/s, approximately) squared.

Einstein explained this theory in the following way: “Let’s imagine a train and two individuals, one of them is mounted on it and another sees it passing at full speed from the edge of the track.” The train is moving at 200 kilometres per hour. The question then arises: Does it, or does it not move? Yes, and no at the same time. For the person who is sitting inside the train it does not move, it´s still. It only moves for the person who is on the edge of the track. It’s something, indeed, relative. Then imagine that someone throws a ball 20 kilometres an hour forward inside the train. For the person inside the train the ball moves at that speed but however, for the person who is outside the ball moves at 220 (200 20) kilometres per hour”

This was a revolutionary concept for humanity.


The silversmiths in Cordoba are renowned for their craftsmanship. All our pieces are made by expert jewellers in Cordoba city. This guarantees professionalism in the elaboration and finishing details of each design. The pieces bear a perforation which guarantees that the products are made only with sterling silver 925.

According to international standards on objects manufactured with precious metals, the proportion of weight when the pure precious metal enters an alloy is outlined by law. Silver in its natural state is a very manageable or soft metal and it is necessary to mix it with other alloys to make it more resistant. In the case of the sterling silver used in our pieces, the proportion is pure silver: 92.5% and Copper: 7.5%. This complies with the quality standards demanded by the major brands for jewellery.


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Relativity Set


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Relativity Set

Basic Description: Few things are as beautiful as the simplicity of a formula that encloses a great complexity.
These delicate earrings and necklace pay homage to Einstein's much-relevant theory of relativity that changed the world.

Technical Description: Made of sterling silver with engravings. Measurements: 18x30x2,5 mm. Pressure close. Includes 45 cm sterling silver 925 chain and display box.

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